Our Team

JEHVAH was founded in 2006 to provide ICT Solutions. Our focus is on providing Training, IT Solutions, also Home and Office Automation for Individuals, governments, organizations as well as small and medium scale enterprises.

We believe that the relationship with our clients is of such value that each JEHVAH employee ensures that they adhere to strict code of ethics.

This relationship with the client starts from choosing only relevant products during initial contact to delivering on time and on budget during implementation.

  Proudly Nigerian Company

Our Business PhilosophyOur Philosophy

Partnership is the way we would like to do Business. The scope and nature of our clientele makes our Philosophy of being a company open to partnership. This allows our Clients and Partners to share in our Success and Growth.

Poverty alleviation, Human Development and Economic Empowerment can only be truly successful in a case of focused true and committed Partnership with our Clients.

Our Business is Grassroots' based, and can only be successful if we approach it with commitment, loyalty and time investment in what we are doing.

We work with our clients, learning about their specific business environments, their present requirements and assessing their future needs. Our clients success in turn increases the advocates and references that are key to JEHVAH's growth.

Jehvah Mission

“To be a leading quality technology solutions provider for People, Micro, Small and medium Enterprises using Information Technology and Automation, with a Personal and Professional Touch”

At JEHVAH, we believe that our passion for Human Development in Continental Africa drives us to the top of Service Delivery ahead of our Competitors.

We will continue to provide Information Technology solutions and services that improve the quality of lives and Small Businesses. Our goal is to create Value for our Clients and provide them with automated solutions they require for a Competitive Advantage.

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