Mobile Data Collection System

This Service will enable organizations, government agencies, non governmental agencies, etc to collect information and data from its field staff, specific contributors or the general public via SMS.

Subscribers can send Information or Data Components in a predefined format or in free text format to a short code or special long code.

The User gets a confirmation of Receipt message, which may include a reference no, or further information.

The message received is converted to data, formatted according to defined rules of the data collector and is then made available online for viewing or download, via a password protected portal, or can be inserted into a remote database.


Key Benefits:

Convenience: The public can update records 24 hours a day wherever they are, even in the most remote location where there is mobile network coverage.

Information: Database Information is available online real-time via a password protected console. The organization has up to date information.

Low Cost: SMS are charged at low network applicable rates, saving contributors travel costs and saving the organization, the travel costs and overhead of collecting the same information and data.


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