This powerful, user-friendly school software and customizable reporting tools allows you to track data, analyze trends and opportunities, and report student’s information easily and accurately. All these are accomplished more than ever in less time and with less effort.

It provides dedicated access to the School Management Staff, Teachers and Parents, accessible anywhere, at any time through a web browser.


 The School Management portal allows the school management to communicate with parents, create subjects, classes, enter Teacher /Staff and student records as well as manage student fees and Teacher/Staff records. It also tracks academic progress within the school.

The Teacher Portal provides a central access for teachers to create assignments, update their Subjects Grades, Classroom Attendance, Discipline and Award records, as well as contact information for their students.

Real-time access keeps Parents and students up to date with their projects & assignments, enables them to track academic progress, and keeps the lines of communication open.

For more info visit the jschool website.


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