Transaction Alert System via email & sms

Targeted at Micro-finance Institutions, this software is a transaction/activity alert system for bank customer account related transactions and activities.

The software interfaces with the institutions banking application to retrieve transactions and activities as they occur and sends out customised alert or notification messages to customers instantly via email and sms.

The system also includes a bulk sms module that enables the bank to send out seasonal, holiday and other ad-hoc sms messages to its customers eg: Christmas and New Year wishes, opening of new branches, promo and special offers etc.

Income Stream: Charges on SMS alert provide an additional income stream for the bank.

Convenience: Customers are saved the travel costs and inconvenience of coming to the bank to confirm payments or balances, wherever they are, even in the most remote location where there is mobile network coverage.

Cost Savings: By sending out sms alerts, the bank saves the cost of reaching out to all its customers, when there are urgent messages to be passed across to them instantly.

Information: Data on messages sent are available online real-time via a console.


We have a special offer where we deploy the software at no license & support costs!


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