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Exam Center hosts a wide collection of Nigerian Examinations Preparatory questions compiled into quizzes.

We provide the online centre for candidates, as a tool for revision and preparation for success in any of the listed examinations from the National Common Entrance into Secondary schools to the Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination for admission into Nigerian Higher Institutions.

This platform also hosts online tests and quizzes for Educational Institutions and Organizations who seek an online platform to provide tests for a wider group of candidates across the country or internationally.

visit and test yourself with the three days trial.

Web Application & Portal Development



We develop a wide range of web based solutions to automate business processes. Some of the solutions we have implemented include:

- Document Management Systems

- Corporate Intranet

- Loan Approval Systems for Micro-Finance Banks

- Product Referral and Networking Programs


ICT - Training

At JEHVAH, we believe Entrepreneurs require a sound Financial Accounting System. It is unfortunate that the full potentials of SMEs are not being fully realized. This is partly related to harsh operating environments. But the major reason inhibiting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs according to extensive studies is managerial incompetence.

This incompetence is brought about by low quality of skills critically needed for successful business operations. Also, discussions with top officials of the Banking and Financial Sector have revealed that part of the reasons for not financing some SME projects is because of high risk and failure rate associated with low managerial know-how.

JEHVAH offers training to assist entrepreneurs keep accounting records using workbooks and tools like MS Excel. Areas of focus include Sales, Cash Management and Inventory Module.


Information & Communications Technology Consultancy

Today’s Challenges: The global ICT industry is growing rapidly. The need for business-critical intelligence has grown beyond just providing packaged commercial systems for businesses, to the need for information-on-demand systems using real-time world-wide networks.

Businesses everywhere are scrambling to increase efficiency by cutting costs, improve their service delivery, fine-tune and automate internal and business critical processes, build and better manage customer relations. Certainly, the challenges facing businesses today have increased pressure for professional ICT services firms to deliver additional value and increase their business.


How does JEHVAH meet this challenge?

ICT Help

A JEHVAH, delivering the processes that make information on-demand possible is our priority. JEHVAH Consultants provide clients with professional advisory services helping them take advantage of and make maximum returns on their ICT investment. With so many solutions to choose from, what options are available and which end-to-end solution would best optimize investment. We answer Questions, we provide statistics, we help implement change.

Temenos Globus/T24 Consultancy

Temenos® T24/Globus/Emerge are the most technically advanced banking system available today. It combines the most comprehensive and flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture.


This gives it unprecedented power to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

JEHVAH Consultants are highly trained consultants in the implementation of Temenos T24/Globus/Emerge Banking System and provide professional services advice to world-class financial institutions using Temenos Products as their primary banking tool. We invest in the retraining of our consultants continuously, keeping them abreast with changes and inculcating a culture of excellence in delivering service worldwide.

JEHVAH has provided High level consultancy services to Temenos – Africa Office in the area of Implementation and support of Temenos Globus/T24 across Africa. For more details and information on Temenos® and its products, please visit:

Implementation Projects in which our Consultants have participated in Africa;

  • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
  • Ecobank - Cote D’voire
  • Ecobank - Guinea
  • Ecobank - Togo
  • Ecobank - Ghana
  • GAPI – Mozambique
  • Development Bank of Ethiopia
  • Zenith Bank - Nigeria
  • Bank PHB - Nigeria
  • Banc Populaire du Rwanda
  • Nedbank - South Africa
  • NYDA - South Africa
  • Agribank - Zimbabwe
  • Banco Unico - Mozambique
  • Standard Bank - Mozambique
  • Standard Bank - Angola
  • Banco Terra - Mozambique

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