Temenos Globus/T24 Consultancy

Temenos® T24/Globus/Emerge are the most technically advanced banking system available today. It combines the most comprehensive and flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture.


This gives it unprecedented power to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

JEHVAH Consultants are highly trained consultants in the implementation of Temenos T24/Globus/Emerge Banking System and provide professional services advice to world-class financial institutions using Temenos Products as their primary banking tool. We invest in the retraining of our consultants continuously, keeping them abreast with changes and inculcating a culture of excellence in delivering service worldwide.

JEHVAH has provided High level consultancy services to Temenos – Africa Office in the area of Implementation and support of Temenos Globus/T24 across Africa. For more details and information on Temenos® and its products, please visit:

Implementation Projects in which our Consultants have participated in Africa;

  • Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
  • Ecobank - Cote D’voire
  • Ecobank - Guinea
  • Ecobank - Togo
  • Ecobank - Ghana
  • GAPI – Mozambique
  • Development Bank of Ethiopia
  • Zenith Bank - Nigeria
  • Bank PHB - Nigeria
  • Banc Populaire du Rwanda
  • Nedbank - South Africa
  • NYDA - South Africa
  • Agribank - Zimbabwe
  • Banco Unico - Mozambique
  • Standard Bank - Mozambique
  • Standard Bank - Angola
  • Banco Terra - Mozambique

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