Africa is greatly endowed with Human and Mineral resources. In the dawn of the new millennium, emerging economics in Africa have created huge challenges & opportunities for human development, Renewable Energy and efficient Primary Healthcare. These sectors have been largely neglected by successive governments, but they provide vital services to a much larger populace, taking into consideration the African culture and values which is people and family oriented..

JEHVAH DEVELOPMENT CO, provides support on how to develop and manage your business, leaving you take the lead in your businesses. We Empower People, making them the foreman of themselves.

About Us

JEHVAH DEVELOPMENT COMPANY was founded and incorporated in 2007 to focus on Human and Community development Projects. Our focus is on providing Human Capacity development, Renewable energy, Automation, Business Support Services, Property development & management for individuals and communities. We believe that the relationship with our clients and target community are of such value that each JEHVAH employee ensures that they adhere to strict code of ethics.This relationship with the client and community starts from choosing relevant solutions during initial contract, to delivering on time and on Budget during implementation.

Our Mission - To be a leading quality Human & infrastructural capital Development and Business service providers for people, communities and Entrepreneurs with a personal and professional touch.

Our Goal - To create value for our clients and target communities, providing them with solutions they require for a competitive advantage.

Our Philosophy - Partnership is the way we would like to do business. The scope and nature of our clientele makes philosophy of being a company open to partnership. This allows our clients and partners to share in our success & growth. Poverty Alleviation, Human development and Economic Empowerment can also be truly successful in a state of focused true and committed partnership with our clients. Our Business is grassroots' based, and can only be successful if we approach it with commitment, loyalty and time investment in what we are doing. JEHVAH DEVELOPMENT CO. works with its clients and communities, learning about their specific environment, their specific environment their present requirements and assessing their future needs. Our clients & community's success in turn increase the advocates and references that are key to JEHVAH's growth.

At JEHVAH DEVELOPMENT we believe that our passion for Development in continental Africa drives us to the top of service delivery ahead of our competitors. We will continue to provide Human capital, Energy, Health and other Structural solutions and services that improve the quality of our lives and businesses.


  • Human Capacity Development & Training

    Human capacity development has been the centerpiece of assistance to our clients. However the general acceptation of capital development as a much wider concept that expands beyond technical training and know how contributes greatly as a catalyst of business transformation.

    We provide this support to our clients to attain strength and maintain the capabilities they have set and achieve their own development objectives over time. Also defining their strategies and methodologies which will help them improve their performance, generate development benefits and achieve their goal.

  • Property Development & Management

    We develop and manage infrastructural facilities such as Low Cost Housing, Recreational centers, offices and stores. Leasing them to Families, Entrepreneurs and Small businesses to perform business functions. These infrastructural facilities are developed with utilities essential for the convenience of such business purpose..

    JCO Quarters located at Gbagalape district of the FCT and SAMAG Quarters located in Zhidu Extension of Lugbe District are our flagship Low Cost Housing projects.

    The S&J centre is one of our infrastructural facility located at Zhidu Extension, Lugbe District, which is leased out to Entrepreneurs and small scale businesses to perform business operations.

  • Business Support Services

    We render business support services to enable, small enterprises expand to a tremendous level, providing seed capital and training for various owners of such enterprises as a guideline to enable them control and manage their businesses.

    Business Seed Support - We provide venture capital (Funds) to Entrepreneurs and small businesses to start up an enterprise, expand and also manage it. This funding is provided on a profit sharing basis, where jDev does not demand interest on the loan but share whatever profit or loss is made by that venture.

    We participate firmly at the inception, though making our clients take the lead in making decisions, implementing changes to stabilize or expand their enterprises. With our capital support, we believe that our clients will achieve their goals.