Africa is greatly endowed with human and material resources. In the dawn of the new millennium, emerging economies in Africa have created huge opportunities for human development, small and medium enterprises.

This micro economic sector has been neglected by large IT solutions providers, but they provide products and services to a much bigger market, taking into consideration the African culture and values which is people and family oriented.

Welcome to JEHVAH Technologies, an Information and Communications Technology solutions provider with focus on the small and medium enterprises.

About Us

  • Our Mission

    “To be a leading quality technology solutions provider for People, Micro, Small and medium Enterprises using Information Technology and Automation, with a Personal and Professional Touch”

    At JEHVAH, we believe that our passion for Human Development in Continental Africa drives us to the top of Service Delivery ahead of our Competitors.

    We will continue to provide Information Technology solutions and services that improve the quality of lives and Small Businesses. Our goal is to create Value for our Clients and provide them with automated solutions they require for a Competitive Advantage.

  • Our Business Philosophy

    Partnership is the way we would like to do Business. The scope and nature of our clientele makes our Philosophy of being a company open to partnership. This allows our Clients and Partners to share in our Success and Growth.

    Poverty alleviation, Human Development and Economic Empowerment can only be truly successful in a case of focused true and committed Partnership with our Clients.

    Our Business is Grassroots' based, and can only be successful if we approach it with commitment, loyalty and time investment in what we are doing.

    We work with our clients, learning about their specific business environments, their present requirements and assessing their future needs. Our clients success in turn increases the advocates and references that are key to JEHVAH's growth.

  • Our Team

    JEHVAH was founded in 2006 to provide ICT Solutions. Our focus is on providing Training, IT Solutions, also Home and Office Automation for Individuals, governments, organizations as well as small and medium scale enterprises.

    We believe that the relationship with our clients is of such value that each JEHVAH employee ensures that they adhere to strict code of ethics.

    This relationship with the client starts from choosing only relevant products during initial contact to delivering on time and on budget during implementation.



 Online Business Suite

Our Web-based accounting software that allows access to a database from anywhere with an Internet connection, and features point of sale, order entry, invoicing, inventory control, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, general ledger, a CRM, marketing, a user friendly point-and-click environment, the ability to email directly from program, bulk emailing, and an easy-to-use user administration area..

Customer Features

Individual customer credit terms
Unlimited shipping and billing addresses
Individual sales accounts
Customer history tracking and note management capability
Receive payments through Interswitch, Etranzact, Naira Mastercard, checks, and cash
Sales Orders, Invoices and Point of Sale capability
Full featured order status window allow for easy organization and review of orders at all status levels

Vendor Features

Individual vendor payment terms
Unlimited vendor ship from addresses and remit to addresses
Individually assignable expense accounts
Open/Closed PO management system



Inventory Features

Handles different types of inventory items: Stock, Assemblies, Master Stock, Non-Stock, Service, Labor, and Description Only
Individual inventory cost methods: FIFO, LIFO, and Average
Multi-tier pricing, up to 5 price levels
Inventory Stock level management, making reordering simple
Individually assigned cost accounts for sales, inventory, and cost of sales
Serial number tracking capability
Customizable inventory group/field manager. Add as many inventory attributes as needed, in as many groupings as needed to help organize and fully define your products
Separate sales and purchasing descriptions
Tracking of sales orders, purchase orders and due dates.

Banking Features

Receive payments from customers
Pay vendors, write checks directly from jSmeSuite
Payment manager allow payments of multiple vendors at a time
Reconcile receipts/payments with bank statement







Human Resources Features

Maintain employee information
Linked to the payroll feature

External Interfaces

Modularized interfaces available to third party applications
Included interface to ZenCart shopping cart system
Download online orders from shopping cart systems with a push of a button
Upload product information from jSmeSuite to your shopping cart system to allow for a single database solution


Import/Export Features

Extensive/programmable export feature allows for individual field selection, order
Allows fields to be processed prior to export (e.g. format a currency, round a number, etc.)
Filters allow for selective exporting of just the fields desired
User selected field delimiters and text qualifiers to create common csv and tsv (tabbed) formats
Export of customer, vendor, inventory, banking, employee and general ledger data


Multi-Company Features

Capable of handling multiple companies with individual databases.
New companies can be created through the setup script or copied from an existing company

Report/Form Features

Includes many standard reports and forms to get up and running out of the box
Robust report builder tool allows creation of custom reports and forms
Ability to create documents in A3, A4 and Letter size paper, portrait and landscape orientation


Payment Modules

Payment modules to allow for multiple payment methods
Easily expanded with additional payment modules


Every menu choice has programmed security access (none, read-only, enter, edit and full) on an individual user level
Runs under a SSL or non-SSL environment
Separate user account for each company (in a multi-company environment)


Other Features

Uses pop-up windows to quickly navigate and locate the information you need
Backup feature to protect valuable company data
Multi-language feature allows individual users to operate in the language of their choice
Platform independent
Web based to allow access from any browser, anywhere


 Send an email to sales@jehvah.com for pricing and more information on jSmeSuite.








Temenos Globus/T24 Consultancy

Temenos® T24/Globus/Emerge are the most technically advanced banking system available today. It combines the most comprehensive and flexible business functionality with the most advanced and scalable architecture.


This gives it unprecedented power to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

JEHVAH Consultants are highly trained consultants in the implementation of Temenos T24/Globus/Emerge Banking System and provide professional services advice to world-class financial institutions using Temenos Products as their primary banking tool. We invest in the retraining of our consultants continuously, keeping them abreast with changes and inculcating a culture of excellence in delivering service worldwide.

JEHVAH has provided High level consultancy services to Temenos – Africa Office in the area of Implementation and support of Temenos Globus/T24 across Africa. For more details and information on Temenos® and its products, please visit: www.temenos.com

Implementation Projects in which our Consultants have participated in Africa;

- Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
- Ecobank - Cote D’voire
- Ecobank - Guinea
- Ecobank - Togo
- Ecobank - Ghana
- GAPI – Mozambique
- Development Bank of Ethiopia
- Zenith Bank - Nigeria
- Bank PHB - Nigeria
- Banc Populaire du Rwanda
- Nedbank - South Africa
- NYDA - South Africa
- Agribank - Zimbabwe
- Banco Unico - Mozambique
- Standard Bank - Mozambique
- Standard Bank - Angola
- Banco Terra - Mozambique
- CPC - Mozambique
- Societe Generale - Mozambique

Web Applications

Web Application & Portal Development

We develop a wide range of web based solutions to automate business processes. Some of the solutions we have implemented include:

- Document Management Systems -

- Corporate Intranet -

- Loan Approval Systems for Micro-Finance Banks -

- Product Referral and Networking Programs -

Online Services

Exam Center

 ExamCentre.com.ng hosts a wide collection of Nigerian Examinations Preparatory questions compiled into quizzes.

We provide the online centre for candidates, as a tool for revision and preparation for success in any of the listed examinations from the National Common Entrance into Secondary schools to the Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examination for admission into Nigerian Higher Institutions.

This platform also hosts online tests and quizzes for Educational Institutions and Organizations who seek an online platform to provide tests for a wider group of candidates across the country or internationally.

visit examcentre.com.ng and test yourself with the three days trial.